What To Do In A Fire Emergency

What to do when you have fire damage & why call 24/7 Campbell Restoration

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Fire is one of the most common disasters that can strike a home. When a fire occurs, it is important to know what to do to limit the damage, to preserve any salvageable property and to return the home to a safe living environment. Campbell Restoration has the knowledge and experience to help homeowners to protect and repair their property after a fire. Campbell Restoration has over 35 years of experience helping those in the Pickerington, Ohio, area to deal with the damage that fire and smoke can cause to a home, along with water and other fire-fighting materials.

When a fire occurs, it is important to follow these safety steps:
• Make sure people and pets stay out of the home until a professional declares that the home is safe. There may be hot spots, live electrical wiring, a risk of structural collapse, dangerous chemicals and a host of other potential sources of severe injuries in a home after a fire.
• Windows should be left open when possible to allow the home to air out and to allow moisture to leave the home.
• Heating, air conditioning and other appliances should not be operated until inspected by a professional for safety. Though an appliance may look undamaged, the internal workings may have been melted from the heat of the fire or damaged by water or other fire retardants.

To help homeowners to get back into their home safely and quickly, Campbell Restoration can go through the home and determine what property can be kept and what property has been destroyed and needs thrown away. The company’s experience gives it the knowledge to quickly assess what structural and decorative materials are safe and what is not. Campbell Restoration can quickly begin to clean home surfaces to remove the physical signs of fire damage as well as the pungent odor that is often left behind by smoke. The smoke odor in a home is not only unpleasant, but it can also create health hazards for those with asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems.

If your home or other property has been damaged by a fire, give Campbell Restoration a call to get the prompt and professional service that you deserve.View our Fire Restoration Services

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