What should be in a Roof Replacement Proposal

What should be in a residential and commercial roof/repair replacement proposal in Central Ohio?

roof repair canal winchesterReplacing or repairing the roof of a home is an expensive investment, so naturally homeowners and business owners want to make sure they hire the right professional for the job. Thus, they will often solicit multiple proposals and estimates from contractors in order to decide who the best fit is. Total cost is a factor, of course, but homeowners must make sure they know what that final estimate actually covers. The old adage that you get what you pay for too often rings true. If you own a home or business, you will want to secure the best value, not simply the cheapest contractor.

When reviewing a roof repair or replacement proposal, therefore, you should demand clarity. In order for you to know what he or she is getting, a proposal must be clearly written. Plain language should be used, and details of the job should be included in an itemized breakdown. If a proposal is vague or difficult to follow, that may be a sign that the contractor is trying to mislead the customer.

In addition to being understandable, proposals should include the following eight pieces of pertinent information:

1. The materials to be used. The proposal should list the type of roof covering and specific materials to be used, such as the underlayment, type of shingles, or type of flashing metal to be used in the repair or replacement of the roof.

2. The manufacturer of the roof covering.

3. The color of roof covering. Homeowners will want to be in compliance with their HOAs.

4. Master CertainTeed Applicator per Ohio Building Code.

5. The scope of the work – for instance, will the current flashing be re-used or completely replaced? Will new flashing be added? Will any ventilation work be included, such as the addition of new roof vents? Is site clean-up, including hauling off all debris and tidying the work area, part of the total cost?

6. Liability. If something is damaged in the course of the roof repair or replacement, such as an exterior landscape fixture, will the contractor replace it? Or will the homeowner be stuck with the bill?

7. Payment information. Types of payment accepted, when the payment is due, and how to pay.

8. Warranty. Homeowner’s should know what is covered (from water leaks to workmanship) and how long the warranty will last.

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