Selecting a Contractor

Selecting A Contractor and Why Campbell Restoration Is Your Best Choice

Look for your contractor to be a member of NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. The NARI logo is the mark of a professional.

  • Campbell Restoration is a long-standing member of NARI and has won numerous awards both for our workmanship and our customer satisfaction. We are recognized for our commitment to customer satisfaction by being awarded the NARI ACE Award yearly.
  • In 1999, Campbell Builders received the Better Business Bureau’s Business Integrity Award

Employ a contractor with an established business in your local area. Local firms can be checked through past customers. They are tax-paying members of your community and are compelled to perform satisfactory work for local homeowners in order for their business to survive.

  • Campbell Restoration has been doing business in Central Ohio since 1980 and has a firm understanding for the needs and expectations of our customers. We are one of the longest lasting contractors in the area and have built a reputation of providing our customers with dependable service, honest pricing, and excellent craftsmanship.

Check the remodeling contractor with the Better Business Bureau to see if there is an adverse file on record.

  • Campbell Restoration is a member and award recipient from the Better Business Bureau. In 1999, we were awarded the Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence. You can check our Better Business Bureau report online or contact them at (614) 486-6336.

Ask for local homeowners references and follow up on them. Call the references; ask if they were satisfied with all aspects of the contractor’s performance and ask to see the finished projects.

  • Campbell Restoration is happy to provide you with current references and pictures of work we have completed. We collect customer surveys and photo journals on every job we perform.

Interview contractors until you find one you feel comfortable working with, and do not blindly accept the lowest bid. Ask why the bid is so low, or so high. Sometimes a high price may be worth the cost if higher quality materials are used or if there’s a chance for better service. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of all materials to be used.

  • Campbell Restoration provides our customers with a free estimate and will assist you with selections for your project. We are a professional contractor who is able to complete your project that will comply with building codes and standard construction practices in your area. Our Building Idea Centers at our offices has vast product lines so you can select everything from paint colors to flooring.