Roofing Repair & Installation

What to consider when Replacing or Repairing a Roof in Canal Winchester or Pickerington Ohio

The professionals atĀ Campbell Restoration have been providing our residential and commercial customers with expert opinion after a thorough inspection for decades. You can rely on a confident quote for your roof replacement or repair from our team!

A roof is the most important part of a home, and care should be taken to protect the investment. When a roof becomes damaged, a choice needs to be made between a simple patching and a complete reroofing. The latter can be done by either covering the existing roof or removing it and doing a complete rebuild.

Shingle replacement is the easiest and least costly roof repair job. Shingles that have been torn or removed by strong winds or other weather can be easily replaced by sliding new ones in their place. If the roof is relatively new and there are spare shingles around from the original job, the new shingles may not match. If you had a question or concern about this, please address them with us and we will let you know how we handle this possible obstacle.

If a roof has sustained more significant damage but only on one side, it can be more affordable to do a partial reroofing instead of a total one. We will suggest this in an estimate if it is a good option for your particular situation.

In a complete reroofing, the decision must be made whether to build over the current roof or tear it off and start from scratch. Building over is subject to legal limitations regarding weight when there are already two or more roof builds in place. The weight of 1,500 square feet of shingles can be equivalent to that of a large sports-utility vehicle. If there is only one layer of shingles, it may be worth it to remove them and start over. This also offers the opportunity to inspect the sheathing and deck and determine if water and ice protection is needed.

Replacing a roof is an investment that requires careful consideration. When done properly, it will add to the value of a home and last for many years while saving the homeowner money. That is why the team atĀ Campbell Restoration is prepared to help you make this decision fit the best interest of your home and your checkbook.

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