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Here is a little bit of helpful information about asphalt shingles and why they are our preferred choice. The asphalt in the shingles serves as a device to protect the structure against water. Likewise, the granules are stabilized by the asphalt, and the shingle is ultimately strengthened because of it. If an asphalt roofing shingle is designed correctly, it will resist becoming dry, brittle, and hard before its life expectancy is complete.

You have three choices when it comes to choosing a CertainTeed asphalt roofing shingle. These are as follows:


Strip shingles are characterized by their single layers. In appearance, they look similar to slate. In comparison to other types of shingles, strip shingles are the lightest variation. The shingles are designed with a base of fiber glass, and they resist tearing and blow-off rather well. Home builders and economy homes are frequent users of strip asphalt roofing shingles. In other cases, they might be purchased to replace existing strip singles that are already on a home’s roof. CertainTeed has a line of strip asphalt shingles by the names, XT 30, XT 25, and CT 20.


Dimensional shingles are characterized by their multiple layers. As a result, roofs built with dimensional asphalt shingles appear more bold, rich, and thick in appearance. It literally appears to be multi-dimensional. Dimensional shingles are often much bulkier in weight in comparison to strip shingles. Warranty protection is usually stronger and longer for multi-dimensional shingles as well. Warranty for multi-dimensional shingles can extend to a lifetime guarantee in some cases. See the Landmark shingle from CertainTeed to get a better idea of its nature and utility.


At first glance, anyone will notice that a premium shingle differs greatly in appearance from other types because of its “laminated” nature. Many premium shingle designs are made to imitate traditional shingle types. For example, premium shingles might be similar in appearance to shake roofing or slate shingles. For a better idea of what premium shingles tend to look like, refer to the Grand Manor, Carriage House, and Presidential Shake shingles from CertainTeed. These shingles offer an unmatched visual appeal compared to other shingle types. Likewise, it’s not uncommon that premium shingles offer extra perks such as solar reflectivity or impact resistance. These perks are capable of helping a roof last much longer.

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